Uploading Your Loan Docs

Uploading Documents

To upload documents for review, navigate to the E-Docs page. There are two methods for uploading document: drag and drop or browsing for the files. 

Select the document(s) on your desktop, and drag and drop them in the upload box. You can also click Select Files to Upload if you would like to browse your desktop for the files. 

IMPORTANT: You can upload up to 12 documents at a time. 

Next, click on select Doc Type.

Choose the Broker Upload folder to view the correct document labels.

IMPORTANT: Brokers should not upload to any other folders. 

From the document type list, choose the document label that applies to your upload.

Click Upload Docs when you have added all the documents.

IMPORTANT: You cannot upload package that exceed 100MB. For lower speed internet connection, any documents over 30MB may result in an error.

The Document List tab contains your uploaded documents as well as JMAC issued documents. You will have a history of every loan approval and suspense certificate, lock confirmations and JMAC issue disclosures in your Document List. 

IMPORTANT: Your uploaded documents will be split into the appropriate document type during underwriting and funding review. 

What's Next

We are not automatically notified when these documents are uploaded. We will only be notified when you request review. To request review, you should either resolve the appropriate task or use the submission or underwriting buttons.

IMPORTANT: We recommend uploading all your documents prior to resolving the task or clicking the button. Any conditions uploaded after the task or button is resolve may not be reviewed at the same time.

To learn more about tasks and underwriting review, please read Resolving Tasks

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