Understanding Appraisal Notifications

Receiving an Appraisal 

Completed appraisal reports will be sent from appraisalorder@jmaclending.com to each borrower(s) email address with a link to the loan documents. Each borrower should have a unique email address to allow for appraisal receipt. An exception can be made for married borrowers.

They will click Download Documents to accept the electronic delivery.

The borrower(s) will then select I Consent or I Decline Consent to agree or decline to electronically receiving their appraisal report.  


If consent is provided, they will click Download Authorization Code to verify a pdf can be downloaded.

They will download the Authorization Code as a pdf. When they open the pdf, they will be able to view the Authorization Code.   

They will enter the Authorization Code and click Download Appraisal.

If consent is not provided, JMAC Appraisal Desk will mail the appraisal to the borrower(s).

What's Next 

JMAC Appraisal Desk will send all revised appraisal reports to each borrower(s) email address with a link to the loan documents. The borrower(s) will repeat the above steps to consent and download the report eachtime.