Submitting a Pre-Approval

Pre-Approval Requirements 

We accept pre-approvals on purchases for the following:

All conventional loans (must have DU or LPA approve)

All government loans (exclude manual underwriting & must have DU or LPA approve)

All jumbo and non-QM loan including Laguna, Malibu, Manhattan, Newport, Venice and Zuma programs

To review our pre-approval requirements, please read the Pre-Approval Checklist or Pre-Approval Checklist - Bank Statements.

For any questions regarding pre-approval, contact your Account Executive or Account Manager. Their contact information is listed under Account Executive and Junior Processor in the Status and Agents tab.

Setting Up Key Pre-Approval Fields 

After importing the loan, enter City, State, Zip Code and County as normal, but list Street Address as TBD on the Property & Loan Info tab in the Pricing tab of your loan.

Once the Property & Loan Info is updated, choose your pricing filters - TermsAmortization Type, and Product Type, then Price for your preferred loan program.

You can register once you have determined your preferred rate and program.

To learn more about pricing and registering your loan, read Pricing a Loan or Step 1: Registering Your Loan.

Uploading Pre-Approval Documents 

Upload all credit, income and asset documents under the Broker Upload folder as Doc Type, Loan Submission Package.

To learn more, please read Uploading Your Loan Docs.

Requesting Pre-Approval 

After the required documents are uploaded, you can request pre-approval by resolving the task, Submit: Pre-Approval Request on the Tasks tab.

Note: We are not automatically notified when these documents are uploaded.

To learn more about this process, please read Resolving Tasks.

What's Next

Pre-Approval Review

Our Pre-Approval Team will review your pre-approval package. If they encounter any issues or missing documents, our team will email you with the required information.

A Loan Coordinator will ensure all program-specific income, asset, and documentation requirements are met prior to underwriting. Once the package is verified, they will send you an email notification with the current turn times.

Once completed, a pre-approval letter or denial certificate will be emailed and uploaded. Your loan status will update to either Pre-Qual or Loan Denied

Submitting the Full Loan Package

If your loan was pre-approved, you can continue the submission process on the same loan once a property has been selected. Simply, enter the street address on the Application Information tab or the Pricing tab, generate initial disclosure, upload your submission documents, and request submission review.

If you are generating initial disclosure through JMAC's broker portal, read Step 3: Generating Your Initial Disclosures, but if you are submitting your loan, continue to Step 4: Submitting Your Loan.