Step 5: Requesting Underwriting Condition Review

Uploading Underwriting Conditions

Once the initial decision has been rendered, you will receive an email with the loan approval or loan suspense certificate, listing all the outstanding conditions. Submitting all the conditions at once will expedite underwriting review.

Upload your conditions under the Broker Upload folder as Doc Type Underwriting Conditions. Do not email any conditions - due to the sensitivity of this information, we do not accept any conditions through email.

To learn how to upload, please read Uploading your Loan Docs.

Requesting Condition Review 

When all conditions have been uploaded, you will need to request condition review.

Note: We are not automatically notified when these documents are uploaded.

You can request condition review by resolving the task, Submit: Underwriting Conditions Ready for Review on the Tasks tab.

To learn how to resolving tasks, please read Resolving Tasks

What's Next

The loan status will change to Condition Review. Your underwriter will review the uploaded conditions within the current turn times. Once completed, an updated loan approval or loan suspense certificate will be emailed and your loan status will revert to Approved or Loan Suspended if any PTD conditions remain. Repeat the above step if any additional condition review is required.

Requesting the Initial Closing Disclosure

Once an approved loan is locked and the appraisal is completed, you can request the initial closing disclosure. You do not need to wait until all PTDs have been cleared.