Step 5: Ordering Docs or Submitting for Purchase Review (C)

Drawing the Docs

You have two options for drawing docs: request JMAC to draw your loan docs or draw your own loan docs. Choose either Option A or Option B listed below.

Option A: Requesting Docs from JMAC

When your loan is Clear to Close, you will complete the Doc Order Form to request JMAC to issue Docs. If not previously provided, you will need to include the following documentation with your Doc Order Form: 

    • LE, COC, Initial CD, Initial CD Receipt Form & Final CD (if applicable) 

    • AIR Receipt (Lender or AMC Certification)

    • Evidence of Insurance (if impounded) 

      • Hazard Insurance 

      • Flood Insurance (If Applicable) 

      • Tax Certificate 

The loan status will change to Docs Ordered. When the Doc Drawer emails the docs to the assigned Processor, the loan status will change to Docs Out.

Option B: Drawing your own Docs 

You can draw and send your own loan docs.

Submitting to Purchase Review

Once the docs are signed, upload them under the Non-Delegated Correspondent Upload folder as Doc Type, Complete Loan Package Ready for Purchase Review.

To learn more about uploading, please read Uploading Your Loan Docs.

When all the closing documents have been uploaded, you will You will also need to notify us of our upload by resolving the task Submit: Loan Package Ready for Non-Delegated Purchase Review.

Note: We are not automatically notified when these documents are uploaded.

To learn more about resolving tasks, please read Resolving Tasks.

What's Next

The loan status will be updated to Submitted to Purchase Review. Our credit, compliance and purchase auditors will review the file and determine if any suspense conditions are required to purchase.