Step 4: Submitting Your Loan

Uploading Submission Documents

After your initial Loan Estimate has been delivered, you can begin the submission process by uploading your loan documents under the Broker Upload folder as Doc Type, Loan Submission Package.

To learn how to upload, please read Uploading your Loan Docs.

Requesting Document Check and Loan Submission

When all submission documents have been uploaded, there are two options for requesting submission review, so choose either Option A or Option B listed below.

Note: We are not automatically notified when these documents are uploaded.

Option A: Submit to Document Check Button

Click the Submit to Document Check button on the E-Docs tab and confirm your submission request.

Option B: Resolve Submission Task 

You can also request submission review by resolving the task, Submit: Loan Package Ready for Submission on the Tasks tab.

To learn how to resolve task, please read Resolving Tasks.

What's Next

Submission Desk Review

Your loan status will update to Document Check, which indicates that the Submission Desk will review your loan package before underwriting. Reviews are done based on our turn times.

If they encounter any issues or missing documents, our team will email Loan Officer and Processor. Your loan status will also change to Document Check Failed, which indicates that there are outstanding items required for submission.

Additional Review for Jumbo & Non-Agency Loans

For Jumbo or Non-Agency submissions, a Loan Coordinator will ensure all program-specific income, asset, and documentation requirements are met prior to underwriting. The turn times for initial decisions is posted online, but does not begin until the loan status is In Underwriting.

Submitted to Underwriting Review

Once all required submission documents have been reviewed and verified, your loan status will be updated to Submitted. The turn times for initial decisions is posted online and begins when the loan status is Submitted.

Next, our underwriting assistants will index your loan files to prepare for initial underwriting during Pre-Underwriting status. Our underwriter will review for initial decision when the loan is updated to In Underwriting. For more information about these loan statuses, read Defining Wholesale Loan Status.