Step 3 - Requesting JMAC Initial Disclosures (C2)

For Jumbo and Non-QM loans, requesting JMAC's initial disclosures is required.

For Conforming loans, this step is optional. If you are preparing your own Loan Estimate, please skip to Submitting Your Loan.

Setting the Closing Costs & Requesting Initial Disclosures

IMPORTANT: The Request for Loan Estimate button will only be available the same day of the Application Date. If the button is greyed out, update your 1003 Interview Date or contact our Client Support or your Account Manager for assistance.

On the Loan Estimate Fee Management page, add all fees and fee amounts, including the Credit Report, Appraisal fee, Title/Escrow fees, and Recording/Transfer Tax (if applicable). Check out the Approved Fee List to review all the fee we provide. 

Please upload a Settlement Service Provider List (SSPL) and Estimated Settlement Statement or Pre-CD. 

If you can't find a fee that you would like to add, contact our Disclosures Team at

IMPORTANT: Do not select a compensation option as you will get an error message. You may clear the error by refreshing your page and re-entering any unsaved fees before trying again.

What's Next

The Disclosure Desk will review the file after the request is made. They will contact the Processor and Post-Closer for the point or rebate that should be displayed on the Loan Estimate. If your company hasn't requested loan docs from JMAC in the past, we will also require a confirmation of company information to print on the disclosures. Once confirmed, our Disclosure Desk will send e-sign disclosures to the Loan Officer and each borrower. We will disclose no later than the third day following the application date.

When the signed package is returned, you are ready to upload the rest of the submission package and submit the loan, Submitting Your Loan.

E-Signing & Returning the Initial Disclosures

An email will be sent from to the Loan Officer and each borrower with a link to e-sign disclosures. The completed package will automatically upload to JMAC once all parties sign. During the e-sign process, borrowers are instructed to print out the Borrower’s Authorization and SSA-89 forms, wet sign them, and return them to their Loan Officer. Include these in your submission upload if available.

On the Disclosure Tracking page, you can view the details about the issued, sent, consented and signed disclosure information for all disclosures sent.