Step 1 - Creating Your Loan (C2)

Creating Your Loan

You will have the option of importing a MISMO 3.4, retrieving an existing DO, or manually creating a blank loan. A minimal amount of data is required to save, and you will be prompted to complete the missing data to save. 

  • To assign a Processor or Loan Officer, you can click the person icon once the file is save in the top right.

You will be able to specify whether you would like for JMAC to issue your disclosures. Before you can save, you will be prompt to answer or N. You can always change your answer after saving, but different milestones and validation rules will be applied accordingly. 

You will not be able to a save a loan if your company is not approved in that state. If you receive any licensing failures, please contact our Client Support Team at, and they will assist with updating your company's licenses based on the state approvals in NMLS. 

Importing a Additional Information

If your MISMO 3.4 file is incorrect or outdated, you can import an updated file with additional information or a new co-borrower by clicking Import MISMO 3.4 File. This will overwrite all the data and can only be completed prior to lock request, disclosure request, and submission request.

What's Next

To learn more about pricing and registering your loan, please read Step 2 - Registering Your Loan (C2)