Running Seamless DU

Seamless DU allows you to run AUS using JMAC’s DU credentials. The credit report associated with the DU will be available to JMAC as well. To run DU Seamless, the loan must be registered.

Reviewing the FannieMae Audit

On the loan level, navigate to the Pricing page and select Submit to DU (Seamless).

DU will run a data audit. If any items fail, you can click on the hyperlink to navigate to the problem page. You would then need to repeat the process until all items are fixed.

Once the audit is successful, click the Next button.

Re-Issuing Credit

In the DU Information section, leave the DU Institution ID and DU Casefile ID blank. In the Credit Report Options section, select whether you would like to Order a new credit report or Reissue an existing credit report.

Select your credit agency from the dropdown, then enter your credentials. If your credit provider does not appear on this list, you are unable to submit through Seamless DU.

If reissuing credit, enter the credit report ID in the Credit Report Resubmit ID section.

Choose to auto-populate liabilities from the credit report, then click Next to submit to DU.

Uploading DU Results

You will receive a Casefile Summary including the Case ID, Underwriting Recommendation, and Credit Report ID.

Select each option for import so that JMAC has access to the DU Findings, Credit Report, and liabilities. Then, click Update to complete the process.

Running Seamless DU After Lock

Once the loan is locked, the Pricing page will no longer be available. To run DU after lock, navigate to the Loan Information page and select FNMA Addendum.

Navigate to the bottom of the page and select Submit to DU (Seamless).

Repeat the DU Submission steps listed above.  

Note: Seamless DU is only available prior to Submission.

What's Next

Reviewing DU Findings 

After you have run Seamless DU, you can view the findings by navigating to the Document List tab on the Edocs page. They will appear under the 21 – AUTO-UPLOAD folder as doc type AUS - DU. Click view PDF to open the findings.