Pricing a VA Loan

For more information on pricing, please refer to Pricing a VA Loan, Pricing Single or Split BPMI, Creating a Loan Comparison ReportRegistering your Loan or Locking your Loan.

Setting VA Eligibility

To price for VA loan programs, you must mark the loan as VA eligible. If you do not mark the VA indicator, the VA loan program will be listed as an ineligible program.

You will need to mark which borrower is VA eligible. Click to the Application #1 tab and under the appropriate borrower, click the Determine under Application Info.

You will be prompted to identify whether this borrower is a Veteran or a Surviving Spouse of a Veteran.

Next, you will need to complete the Service Type, the Entitlement, and VA Funding Fee Exemption (if applicable).

Once the borrower is listed as VA eligible, check VA as the Product Type and Price for the VA loan program.

When the results populate, you can register or request prelock for your preferred rate.

For more information about our lock policy, please read Rate Lock Policy.

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