Pricing a Loan

Application #1 Tab

To view our rates and programs, navigate to the Pricing tab. Before pricing, you will need to verify the borrower’s email address and enter the credit information for the borrower(s).

The Application #1 tab contains applicant and credit information. Under Applicant Info, verify the borrower’s e-mail address to expedite disclosures.

Under Credit Provider Info, there are four options for entering a credit: Order CreditReissue CreditUpgrade Credit and Manually Enter Credit, so choose one of the options listed below.

A. Order a credit report by selecting Order New Credit Report, choosing your credit agency, and clicking Order Credit. Your credit agency credentials will be requested.

B. Re-issue an existing credit report by selecting Re-Issue Credit Report, choosing your credit agency, and clicking Re-Issue Credit. Your credit agency credentials will be requested.

C. Upgrade an existing credit report to Tri-Merge Report by selecting Upgrade Existing Credit Report, choosing your credit agency, and click Upgrade Credit. Your credit agency credentials will be requested.

D. Manually enter a credit report by selecting Manually Enter Credit Report, clicking Enter Credit, and entering the scores for your borrower(s).

We recommend manually entering the borrower(s) credit scores if you have already ordered credit. Select Manually Enter Credit and click Enter Credit.

Enter the 3 credit scores for the borrower and co-borrower (if applicable) and click Enter Credit to save.

IMPORTANT: If you accidentally click Close, the credit scores will not be saved and you will need to repeat the above steps to enter credit.

Confirm the credit score was entered correctly by checking the top-right of the loan information bar.

Property & Loan Info Tab

The Property & Loan Info tab contains additional information relevant to pricing. You should make any necessary changes to these details prior to pricing.

If you are requesting a pre-approval, enter City, State, Zip Code and County as normal, but list Street Address as TBD.

If your loan will have an escrow account, select Impound under Loan Information.

If you would like to change your compensation to BPO, choose Borrower under Other Info. All loans will default to Lender and apply your LPO compensation.

If you are submitting a Freddie Mac (LP) loan, choose LP Accept/Eligible from the Expected AUS Response dropdown. Otherwise, all loans should default to DU Approve/Eligible as the Expected AUS Response.

Once the Property & Loan Info is updated, choose your pricing filters - TermsAmortization Type, and Product Type, then Price for your preferred loan program.

You may be prompted to assign a Loan Officer to the loan. Select your Loan Officer’s name to continue pricing.

Understanding the Pricing Results

The results will display below the pricing filters, showing all eligible and ineligible loan programs. The rate, point, payment, DTI, APR, Closing Costs, Reserve Months, and Loan Preview will populate for each eligible loan program.

A. DTI - A double asterisk (**) means that the maximum DTI has been exceeded for this loan program. Clicking on it will display the max DTI for that product.

B. Closing Costs - Clicking on the dollar amount shows a breakdown of the Estimated Closing Costs. (Note: This estimate excludes any additional fees you may add on your Fee Worksheet)

C. Loan Preview – By clicking on the program name, a loan preview will summarize the loan details, pricing, the originator compensation plan, and a list of default conditions.

If your preferred program is not displayed, the loan might be ineligible for that program. You can review the reasons for ineligibility under Display Ineligible Loan Programs.

You can register or request prelock once you have determined your preferred rate and program.

For more information on our lock policy, please read Rate Lock Policy.