Managing Appraisal Orders

Updating Your Order

The order cannot be viewed by others within your company. If a loan officer or processor should receive order updates, click Edit next to the Additional Notification Recipients section.

You can add multiple email addresses if they are separated by a semicolon, and click OK to save.

Updating Payment Information

The appraisal company may receive a credit card decline. This could be due to the bank declining the order, an issue with the payment information provided (i.e. an incorrect address, etc.), or an issue with appraisal company accepting the credit card type (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.)

To update the credit card information, click into the order, click Other Actions, and select Update Payment Information.

You can review and update the credit card information. Click Save to confirm.

Contacting the Appraisal Company 

The appraisal company may also request for additional information or clarifications. To respond, click into the order and click Send Message.

Reply with the requested information. If a document is required, upload the document to the prior to replying.

Uploading Documents 

The Appraisal Company may request for additional documents to be uploaded. Click into the order and select Attach Documents to upload documents.

Choose the Doc Type and select Upload Document to browse for the document.

Once you have selected the file from your computer, click Finished to upload the document to the order. The document should now appear in the Document List.

Requesting Appraisal Order Cancellation 

All cancellations must be reviewed and approved by the JMAC Appraisal Desk. If the appraisal order can be cancelled, we will confirm a full or partial refund for the order. We will cancel the cancellation request if the appraisal order cannot be cancelled.

To request an order cancellation, click into the order, click Other Actions, and select Cancel Order.

Please include a reason for cancellation.

Duplicating an Appraisal Order

If you need to order a 1004D or second appraisal, you can duplicate the completed order instead of creating a new order. Click into the order, click Other Actions, and select Duplicate Order.

A new appraisal order will open with all the property, loan and borrower information auto-populated.

Throughout the process, all changes and actions are tracked in the audit history.

Customizing your Dashboard

You can create a view that is optimized for you by customizing your Dashboard. Click My Columns to change what columns are displayed, their order, and size.

Since you can customize a different view for each folder, choose the folder you would like to customize. Next, you can drag and drop to reorder columns or move columns from Available to Displayed Columns. You can also use the arrows to move and reorder as well. When you have finished, click Save to confirm the change and Close to return to your dashboard.

Customizing your Email Settings

You can customize your appraisal order email notifications. Click Profile to change email settings.

Click the Cog next to E-mail under Notification Settings.

You can check the box to allow notifications and uncheck the box to prevent them. Click OK to save your changes.

What's Next

Once the inspection is complete, the appraiser will upload the appraisal report to Mercury and update your order status to Pending Quality Review. The Appraisal Company will review the report for completion and compliance.

After review, the order status will change to QC Level One, and move to the JMAC Appraisal Desk pipeline to verify completion and compliance. If there are any issues, they will request an appraisal revision immediately from the appraisal company.

Once the appraisal report is validated, your order status will change to Completed. The underwriter will review the appraisal within 24-48 hours if submitted prior to 3pm.

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