Managing a Lock

Extending a Lock

To extend an existing lock, navigate to the Rate Lock tab. 

Review the existing rate lock, then select Extend Rate Lock.

Enter the reason for the lock extension in the Reason for Extension field. Then, click the Extend button corresponding to the number of days for the lock extension.

Once completed, the page will refresh to display the current rate lock as well as the extension approval.

IMPORTANT: All lock extensions must be completed before 4:00pm PST. The lock may only be extended this way twice prior to Clear to Close status. 

Re-Locking a Expired Lock

All re-lock requests must be submitted before 4:00pm PST.

To re-lock a current loan, you will need to navigate to the Rate Lock tab.

After reviewing your current rate lock, select Rate Re-Lock to proceed.

You will be required to enter in a reason for the re-lock as well as select the re-lock period. Once the Reason for Re-Lock section has been filled out and Re-Lock Period has been selected, click on Price.

Click on Re-Lock on your preferred rate.

Once completed, the page will refresh to display the re-lock approval.

IMPORTANT:  You may only re-lock the loan in the system once for fixed conventional, FHA, and VA first lien loans once the loan is Clear to Close

Requesting Float Down on a Lock

All float down requests must be submitted before 4:00pm PST.

To request a float down, you will submit the online Float Down Request Form.

Once completed, the Lock Desk will review the request and notify the requester once all necessary changes are made. If there are any issues, they will contact the requester by email or phone to gather any required information.

What's Next

For an additional lock extensions, re-lock, or float down prior to or after Clear to Close status, contact the Lock Desk at 949-390-2687 by phone at 949-390-2687 or by email at