Locking a Loan

Requesting a Lock

All lock requests must be submitted online before 4:00pm PST for Jumbo and Non QM Programs; 5:00pm PST for Agency and Government programs. For more information about our lock policy, please read Rate Lock Policy.

To lock a preferred rate and program, you will need to price your loan by navigating to the Pricing tab.

After registration, you will only be able to change the Rate Lock Period or Impounds. Once the Property & Loan Info is updated, choose your pricing filters - the TermsAmortization Type and Product Type and Price for your preferred loan program.

When the results populate, you can request lock for your preferred rate and program.

After selecting request lock, a confirmation screen will appear requesting your consent and approval to notify the Lock Desk.

Understanding the Rate Lock Tab

Once you confirm your lock request, you will lose access to the Pricing tab and you will land on the Rate Lock tab. 

The Rate Lock tab contains your loan program, your lock status, your compensation, a pricing breakdown, your pricing adjustments, and your lock history.

A. Program Information – Contains program and registration information. The Loan Program may differ from the Registered Loan Program if the loan program changed at any time.

B. Lock Status – Contains the lock status, lock period, important lock dates, and lock comments.

C. Originator Compensation – Contains compensation information. Click view lender comp plan details to see your current LPO plan. If pricing BPO, the compensation amount may be different than the amount in view lender comp plan details.

D. Pricing Adjustments – Contains all pricing adjustments for your loan.

E. Pricing Breakdown – Contains a breakdown of all adjustments and compensation, including the final price.

F. Rate Lock History – Contains each change made to your lock, including the rate and final price.

Your lock status will be changed to Lock Requested. The definitions below will help you understand how your lock status will change throughout the lock process.

What's Next

The Lock Desk will review your lock request. If they encounter any issues, they will contact the Loan Officer and Processor. 

When your lock is confirmed, your lock status will change to Locked. The lock icon on the Rate Lock tab will update throughout the lock process to signify a lock request, a lock, a suspended lock, and an expired lock. 

If you have any questions about your lock, contact our Lock Desk by email at lockdesk@jmaclending.com or by phone at (949) 390-2687.

IMPORTANT: The following restrictions apply to lock requests:

A. Suspended loans cannot be locked.

B. All loans locked prior to loan approval will be considered a pre-lock and an additional fee may be applied.

C. Pre-Locks must be submitted within 5 business days of the lock request.

D. Our Laguna and Manhattan Jumbo programs may be pre-locked. Email your Account Manager the 1003, 1008, and credit report prior to 2:00pm PST for pre-lock approval. Their contact information is listed under Junior Processor in the Status and Agents If approved, request pre-lock by following the steps above.

Read our Rate Lock Policy to learn about pre-locks, re-locks, float down, lock extensions and more.