Creating a Loan Comparison Report

Pinning Pricing Results 

You can create a comparison report by pinning a few rates and loan programs for side-by-side comparison in both the Quick Pricer on the pipeline and Pricing tab on the loan.

After pricing your loan, click pin to save the program and rate. You can pin different scenarios and filters. For example, you can pin programs on which the equity or program differs. You can remove it from your saved pins by clicking unpin to remove it.

Generate a comparison report by clicking on Generate Comparison Report above the Eligible Loan Programs.

The comparison report will generate automatically. If it does not download, you may need to turn off your pop blocker for

You will be able to email the comparison report to the borrowers by clicking Email Report to Borrower and entering the borrower’s email addresses (if applicable).

By clicking on the program name, a loan preview will summarize the loan details, pricing, the originator compensation, and a list of default conditions. If you no longer need a pin, you can unpin by clicking Discard Pin in the comparison report.

You can register and request pre-lock/lock in the report as well.

You can register or request prelock once you have determined your preferred rate and program.

For more information about our lock policy, please read Rate Lock Policy